Monday, January 27, 2014

Operation Grown Up Bedroom

Around Christmas, I got the bug to vamp up our master bedroom. 

It happened as I was helping McKenna make her overstuffed, fluffy PBK bed. Then I walked into Meda's room to straighten up (story of my life) and saw her handcrafted wall art that perfectly matched her own PBK outfitted bed. 

Being in my 30's now, I became jealous of my children's fully decorated bedrooms figured it was time for a grown-up room. Before we moved to Memphis, Bryant and I invested in an amazing king sized mattress set...

And stopped there. 

(Best purchase we ever made as a couple, by the way. That bed is so comfy.)

The furniture pieces we have in there are almost all hand-me-downs. We have an old dresser of his sister's and one of my parents. The (one) side table we have was leftovers from my sister. The other side table is a dog crate covered with a blanket. While what we have in there is fine, it just doesn't flow together as magazine-like as my daughters' rooms. Which I decided to change.

So I started scouring Pinterest for ideas on decor and furniture to recreate my own "sanctuary." We already have an oversized armchair in there, so I moved furniture around to create a little reading corner; a place where I can hang out to read and/or write when I'm not actually sleeping. I still need to add a small table next to this.
And, of course, I also checked my email to see if any of my favorite retailers were having any deals...

And lo, they were. 

So just after the new year, I cashed in on the PB outlet's white sale and scored new bedding stuff I'd been eyeing since the release of the new season's items... you know, pillow shams, a duvet, etc...

Then I somehow was blindly dragged over the river and through the woods of Pinterest and Internet Land to Right Grain's Etsy shop. They make customized prints such as the one I just received pictured below.

I have been wanting to add some cycling (remember the hobby turned obsessive profession of my husband?) decor to the house, and thought this would be perfect. So what did I do?

I ordered it. (As well as this other PB pillow cover I saw online, that works perfectly in our living room.) 

I was able to pick out the colors of the bike and background of the print to match the bedroom. The owners of Right Grain were awesome to work with and the result was better than I originally pictured. 

It was destiny, I tell you... destiny.

Then I was put on a spending halt by my cheap reasonable husband for a while.


So, in the meantime, my mom is going to bring the other matching dresser to us and I'm going to do some online searching for a bed/headboard, side tables, lighting, and other decor that might suit my fancy.

So we're getting there a couple items at a time.

Below is a picture of the print hanging up, and I'm really happy with it. The pictures were taken with my phone, and the colors don't show up very well because of weird lighting, but it'll do. 

Do you have any fun (and cheap) ideas you would suggest? Stores or places to check for other items to add? 


Delta Daisies said...

OMG! This is the bedding I want for mine and Sam's bed! Do you love it!!!?

Kristin said...

Brittany - YES! Loving it!!! :-)

Michelle Lee said...

Love the bicycles! So so cute!