Monday, February 3, 2014

Join me in a Stalker Fest!

If you're like me, you easily get caught up in stalking reading of blogs online. There are lots of interesting people out there. I thought I'd do a quick run down on some of my favorite blogs to stalk follow that post regularly.

(For the record, these are not the only ones I follow, but some of the ones that popped into my mind immediately. If you want a complete list of who I follow, check out Bloglovin.)

Hyperbole and a Half
One word. Hysterical. She just recently published her first book and it was awesome. Her blog is filled with comics about her life and experiences. And her blog is the birth place of the ALOT monster.

The Matt Walsh Blog
And here's the controversial blog. Matt Walsh is a former radio DJ that stirred things up a bit when he posted about SAHMs. I love his straightforward, sometimes sarcastic, and always unforgiving style of sharing thoughts and opinions. Probably because I tend to agree with him on his "controversial" topics.

A Bowl Full of Lemons
This blog makes me swoon with envy at her completely organized and clean home. Not to mention her home is beautiful. Quite a few of her posts have helped me de-clutter my cluttered, but not as cluttered anymore life. :-) (Follow all that?) Since I started following this site, the blog has grown from a 1 man operation to an entire community and organizing team. It's pretty awesome.

Tuttle Tales
This is my sister's blog, and while she doesn't post on a regular basis (just like her older sister), she does post some pretty stellar pics of my adorable niece and nephew. They live in Missouri on 80 acres and I live my wanna-be cowgirl life vicariously through them.

Denim & Dots
A New Mexican turned Seattleite turned New Yorker, Amy Reh is a former sorority sister of mine who's a fashion guru that shares fashion ideas & recipes often. She and I went to high school together and sang in the "legendary" LCHS choir, once upon a time. (Note: "legendary" is a loosely used-term in the preceding sentence.)

Single Infertile Female
I've been following SIF for a few years. It was one of the first blogs I ever read, actually. I was suckered in by not only her intriguing story, but also her wit and blatantness about... well, everything. Since then, we've become what I would call "online friends" and she's actually now my book's developmental editor. Pretty cool, if you ask me. BUT... she just put out there that she's putting an expiration date on her blog. SIF will no longer exist after December of this year. GASP! To which I say...

Simple Life of Delta Daises
A Memphis lifestyle blogger. She's a teacher and most often posts about fashion and some recipes. She is super cute and seems super sweet. We've talked about getting together a couple times, but it just hasn't happened yet. Hopefully soon... she's probably heard the truth about me and is staying as far away as possible.

Simply Smithwick
Another Memphis blogger. I've met Caroline a few times and she's super sweet. We met through the running community and then over our children's mutual enrollment at The Little Gym. Very cool girl who shares about her new embarkment on Mommyhood, among other things.

Big Mama and Boo Mama Blogs.
These two sweet, southern ladies CRACK ME UP. Boo Mama (aka Sophie Hudson) wrote one of my fav books out there right now and Big Mama (aka Melanie Shankle) wrote another of my fav books on motherhood. They even have a podcast together and it always makes for a good time.

Landee See Landee Do
Because I'm such a crafty person (ummm.... not....) I decided to start following Landee a while back just because she makes pretty things. With her blog, I was able to look at pretty things in the pretty pictures she posted. (Swoon.) After a while, I got tired of just looking and decided to try my hand at a couple of them. (Anyone remember the random wreath post?) And it worked. So, if I can make something pretty, just like Landee, then you definitely can!

The Southern Wife
A fellow Memphis runner, Christin is another lifestyle and running themed blog. We've hung out together a few times and we both enjoy a nice glass of wine and wearing running shoes. Oh, and if I recall correctly, she also has an appreciation for ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

*for the record, I received nothing in return for this post... I just wanted to share who I'm stalking keeping up with these days.


Delta Daisies said...

You are so, so sweet for including me in your blog post!!!! We MUST DEFINITELY get together soon! LETS GET THAT PLANNED, ASAP! :)

The Southern Wife said...

Thanks for the shoutout. We are overdue for a date!