Wow. It’s New Years Eve. And am I the only sappy-loser-of-a-person who is going to miss 2009? I’ve read nothing but positive Facebook statuses all day about how people are excited about 2010. I mean, let’s take a step back and look at what’s happened for me this past year and why I don’t want to leave 2009 behind.

Numero Uno and most importantly – Bryant and I brought into the world the most amazing little person. She has taught me more in the past 12 months (yes, even PRIOR to her birth) more about life, living and happiness than I ever thought possible. Plus, she’s made me sack up and learn to deal with all kinds of bodily fluids and human feces. I never thought I’d see the day….

So why am I NOT looking forward to 2010? Well, I guess this is what happens to most people (except for genetic freaks like Jennifer Anniston and Heidi Klum, who I swear are aging in reverse) , but I’m going to get another year older. I’ll be twenty seven come the end of April. Twenty seven is one of those random ages that has no real significance. For real, think about it. At eighteen, you’re an adult. Twenty one, you can legally drink (bring on the binge-drinking!). Twenty five, you’re mid-twenties, not just a college “kid” anymore, and can officially rent a car (oh, and you’ve moved on from Natty Light beer to sophisticated red wine by this age). Twenty seven? Well….you’re just in your late twenties. Boring. And depressing. I don’t want to be in my “late” anything. Would you? I think I’d rather turn thirty than twenty seven. At least that’s some sort of LEGIT milestone, right?
Okay, okay – I’ll admit it. The age thing is a lame excuse and McKenna is the best reason I have for not wanting to say goodbye to 2009. Alright, so let’s flip that around (this is me playing Devil’s Advocate with myself…apparently, this is one of my best “features” according to my friends. Which sucks. I’d rather be the funny one, or the empathetic one, or the good listener, but no…the “devil’s advocate?” That’s just a nice way of saying I’m the annoying one. Fantastic. Anyway, sorry – I digress.). In 2010, I’ll get to watch Little MK learn to crawl (she’s so close right now it’s not even funny! Whoop! Crawl MK crawl!), walk, and even speak. So I guess it won’t be so bad, right?
I also have some big plans for next year….I’ll be running in my first Half-Marathon (See my Georgia On My Mind blog for details!), I’ll be traveling to Indonesia to visit family in the fall, I’ll continue to grow my relationship with God, and I plan on completing some personal goals of my own. So 2010 has a lot in store for me! Alright – so my “devil’s advocate-ness” has turned my bah-hum-bug attitude towards next year around! That’s it. Attitude adjustment made….
Bring it on Twenty Ten! I’m ready and waitin’ for ya!